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f. is for frank


Tiny fingerprints cast of pewter that capture a moment in time and last a lifetime.

For keychain or necklace....
$55 first child's fingerprint
$45 for additional child's print
* includes name, initials, DOB or anything up to 7 letters on the back

For cufflinks set...
$70 fingerprint cufflink set (same print on each cuff)
$95 fingerprint cufflink set (2 different prints)
*all cufflink prints include name. initials or DOB

Want more prints for extended family?
$30 for additional keychain or necklace
$60 for additional cufflink set

**We recommend participant be older than 2 years of age because their fingerprints are not developed enough to show up in the metal casting.

Contact f. is for frank to make a fingerprinting appointment... or call 214.749.0709

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