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f. is for frank

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Miss. Caroline
mad men necklace
Gold Brooklynd's bow
gold chain bow
pewter Brooklynd's bow
pewter chain bow
pewter driscoll necklace
gold driscoll necklace
pewter bendel bolo (gray)
gold bendel bolo (white)
Pewter Bendel Bolo (red)
Gold Eero necklace
pewter Eero necklace
Pewter Peacock Luck Necklace
Gold Peacock Luck Necklace
Rose Gold Peacock Luck Necklace
Pewter Oval Peacock Necklace with Pyrite beads
Gold oval Peacock necklace with Pyrite beads
Pewter Jefferson Necklace
Gold Jefferson Necklace
Rose Gold Jefferson Necklace
Pewter Dunn Necklace
Gold Dunn Necklace
Rose Gold Dunn Necklace
Pewter Twig with Double Chain
Gold Twig with Double Chain
Pewter Stingray Chest Plate
Gold Stingray Chest Plate
Pewter Spearhead Necklace
Gold Spearhead Necklace
Pewter Feather Necklace
Gold Feather Necklace
Justin's Heart

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