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f. is for frank

TX ornament
Modern Grass Ornament
Modern Berries Ornament
Modern Buds Ornament
Modern Tree Ornament
Morning Glory Flower Ornament
Daisy Flower Ornament
Clover Flower Ornament
Posey Flower Ornament
Binocular Army Man Ornament
Grinade Army Man Ornament
Bird in a Tree Ornament
Christmas Tree Ornament
Hootie the Owl Ornament
Owl on a Branch Ornament
Cady the Sock Monkey Ornament
Oscar the Elephant Ornament
Frank the Dinosaur Ornament
Tina the Dinosaur Ornament
Robby the Dinosaur Ornament
Goonies the Pirate Ship Ornament
Olive the Octopus Ornament
Sherman the Shark Ornament
Ray the Stingray Ornament
Sparkle the Seahorse Ornament
Horseshoe Ornament
The Longhorn Ornament
Indian Princess Ornament
Robbie the Robot Ornament
Jolly Santa Ornament
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